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The 5% committee rules

We are always looking for new projects to be able to contribute to something in the world. Of course, we ourselves are actively working on acquiring new projects, but it would be even better if we could also use your network.
To support you in this noble quest, we have come up with a commission system! If you link us to a new customer or a new project, you will personally receive 5% of all related invoices, up to a maximum of 50,000 euros and up to 3 years.

Let's save the world together! 🤩

You may one day come across parties or projects that can use our expertise or you may even want to actively do sales for us. Of course, it’s not about the money, it’s about saving the world. But well, who knows? You could perhaps buy a new car with your rewards, renovate your house, start your own business, or book a big holiday. That would of course be nice 😉 It’s a win-win-win-win situation – everyone wins.
📢 But before you qualify for this, it is important that you read the details below and let us know by email that you agree to the terms.

Terms and conditions

To clarify, do you link us to a new customer? Then, up to 3 years after the first invoice paid out, you get 5% out of all the invoices that the customer pays us. Regardless of the number of projects we carry out with the customer. Furthermore, the maximum amount we pay out per commission claim is 50,000 euros. With a new claim for another customer you can therefore receive up to 50,000 euros again.
By a new customer we mean a party, or section of a party, for which we have not previously done any work, or have not done any work for more than 3 years. By new projects we mean single projects where it is not possible to speak directly of a new customer, but where you have contributed to the landing of the project to Game Tailors.
The type of effort required to establish a leed for us with a new project or customer can be minimal: refer a customer to us and make your efforts known to us. The more work you put into it, the greater the chance that we will eventually work with the new customer or project and that you can be rewarded.
By a “commission claim” we mean making your efforts, on bringing us a new project or client known, to us. Make sure that you can demonstrate your efforts sufficiently and communicate it before a new project is started. Otherwise we can’t pay you 5% of the already started projects!
If several claims have been submitted by different people for the same project or client, you will share the reward, with each claim holder receiving the same amount regardless of the workload. For example, if there is a valid claim in addition to your claim, you will effectively receive a 2.5% commission.
We reserve the right to reject a claim, but will always give a clear reason for this. For example, consider a situation where we were already in contact with that customer, or if your claim was submitted too late.
Finally, before you can apply for a commission, it is necessary that you send us an email that you agree with the terms and conditions on this page.


Have you made efforts to link us to a new customer or project, and do you want to let us know in order to qualify for the 5% commission? Let us know here, or send an email to our info address.