In Held (dutch for “Hero”), students learn CPR in a playful manner. Various situations are presented in which the youngsters can experiment, and thus experience the right steps for a successful CPR.

Held has won the first prize in the “European Serious Game Awards” in the “Academic” category

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Kosmos Klikker

Kosmos Klikker is a serious game commissioned by the IWAL with the aim of improving the sound-sign coupling in children (and especially children with dyslexia). The game uses different gameplay techniques and “juicy” graphics to make the leaning experience as interesting and fun as possible. The game offers the possibility to save the progress online and to continue playing on different devices. Supervisors can also monitor the statistics and progress of the children on a web portal.
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Master Shipper

Master Shipper is a single-player game, where logistics planning is central. In the game the player is the manager of the logistics department of a shipping company. The goal is to manage all the shipments in the company by contracting Logistic Service Providers.

Master Shipper enables the player to evaluate the impact of synchromodal transportation in different scenarios, e.g. with or without disruptions in the network. Master Shipper has been developed in collaboration with the TU Delft Gamelab for the TKI Dinalog Synchro-Gaming project.

The Great Library

The Great Library is a Game-Based learning platform. In the game, students create an avatar and pick a new name. This anonymity helps prevent prejudices and bias. Peer reviews are central to the game. Students assess the documents of fellow students on a number of criteria, which are set by the teacher. Students can also take up the subject matter and answer short quiz questions about it. If they get it right, they can earn items to customize their avatar with. Students can also chat with each other, with teachers, or with technical support.
For teachers, a web portal is available. Using the portal, they can adjust the content of the course, and view the progress of all students in an overview or in more detail.
The game was developed in collaboration with TU Delft, and is used in various courses to prepare for writing the Master Thesis.
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KiteSim offers a realistic and fun kite-surfing simulation using VR. The game contains advanced simulation of forces on the kite, which are presented as forces in the frame that KiteSim uses.
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Legend of Iris

The Legend of Iris is intended to teach blind children how to navigate based on sound. An Oculus Rift VR headset is used to follow the head movements of the children in order to reproduce a very realistic surround sound effect in combination with advanced binaural audio techniques and headphones. In the game the children navigate through a fantasy environment, and have to chase, find or evade the different sounds around them.
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