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About Us

From an early age, the co-founders Bas and Olivier already have a passion for making games. What can you learn from games? How do you really make them fun to play? Can we use them for a good cause?
At Game Tailors we are eager to learn and enjoy the whole process – from start to finish – of making a game. Few solutions require so many different disciplines, and that makes working on games for us just as satisfying and versatile. Each project has different goals and sometimes requires a very different approach. We learn new insights and skills every time. Super fat!

Our forces 💪

We distinguish ourselves in the drive to think along and deliver beautifully finished tailor-made solutions that offer a special experience to end users. At its core, it includes the gain of domain knowledge for each project and the use of behavioural sciences to stimulate the motivations of end users. Our passion for user-friendliness and beauty is the icing on the cake.

Experience 👨‍🎓

2D, 3D, VR, AR, XR, Unity, Animation, UX design, UI design, Motivation design, Game design, Graphic design, Project management, Scrum, Co-design
Our Partners
Our handsome faces

The faces behind Game Tailors 😄

We're secretly just people! 🖐


Olivier Hokke 🌿

“Since I was a teenager, I’ve been very entrepreneurial and have maintained many creative and technical hobbies. That was sometimes at the expense of a social life (well, you’re a nerd or you’re not 🤓), but that’s now completely straightened out. I met Bas at our master’s degree at TU Delft. We instantly hit it off, because we complement each other and share the same passions: create games, and help the world! My biggest powers are visible at the front of each product: the effectiveness, design, and experience.”
TU Delft, Master Computer Science; Computer Graphics
C#, C++, Java, Javascript, SQL, PHP, Python, Angular, Unity, 3ds Max, Maya, Photoshop, XD, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Ableton, MS Office, Google Docs, Rocket League
Game developer, Game design, Business developer, Web developer, UX design, Graphic design, Audio design, Animator, Project Management, Concept developer, Office clown

Bas Dado 🌿

“From the moment I got my father’s first DOS computer as a teenager, I became obsessed with programming. I soon started making applications and (serious) games, for example to learn the glossary for French. The computer science study at TU Delft was therefore a logical choice for me. I like to work on a game’s underlying programming: make sure it does what it has to do, is safe, maintainable, and contains as few bugs as possible.”
TU Delft, Master Computer Science; Computer Graphics
C#, C++, Java, Javascript, SQL, PHP, Python, Angular, Kotlin, Linux, Bash, Unity, MS Office, Google Docs, Choking on tea
Game developer, Full-stack developer, Business developer, Project Management, Web security, Absolute server magician
Game developer

Christian Knaapen 🌿

“Since the beginning of high school I’ve made games, often spending all summers on game projects. For example, I made a very popular Minecraft mod, and a 3D roller coaster builder. My interest lies in the creative and discovery aspects of games. Within Game Tailors I am the connection between hardcore code and the front of each game. I make sure that what I make is not only functional, but also looks good.”
Utrecht University, Master Game and Media Technology
TU Eindhoven, Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering
C#, Java, C++, Javascript, Angular, Lua, PHP, Unity, Unreal, MS Office, Google Docs, Minecraft
Game developer, Game design, Web developer, UX design, Concept developer, Hero
Together we stand strong!

Our partners in crime 😍

Together we can do more, we complement each other, and form a bigger team where necessary. They are a support in time of need, an inspiration for idea formation, and a super fun addition to game nights.

Serious games


The Gamelab of TU Delft is a very important partner for us. Not only are we good friends, but they planned our seed. Now we work very well together, we have confidence in each other’s competencies and our brainstorming sessions are always hugely inspiring. Thank you, Gamelab!

What's the Gamelab?

At Gamelab, they develop scientifically driven simulation games, simulations and game systems with a research goal. Together with Delft researchers, PhD students, students, and often with external partners, the Gamelab develops mature prototypes that can be both analogue and digital games. These can have goals such as learning, policymaking, design or data collection.

Joined forces ✨

In addition to being able to spar and brainstorm well about game concepts, we can have research in combination with the Gamelab on, for example, the effectiveness of the game concept!

TU Delft

Bas and Olivier both come from the Computer Science masters and have remained involved with the faculty. For a few years they supervised and designed the projects where they taught hundreds of students how to develop games. Nowadays, Game Tailors delivers a number of assignments to students in the Building Serious Games master course. We act as supervisor and client. Multiple student groups have been allowed to publish their papers, and have even won a best paper award.

What is TU Delft?

Delft University of Technology also known as TU Delft, is the largest and oldest Dutch public technological university, located in Delft, Netherlands. TU Delft has been placed in the top 200 universities in the world by five major ranking tables.

Joined forces ✨

Game Tailors guides students in learning to develop (serious) games. In some of these projects they make prototypes for us, and we guide them to grow!
Serious games

The Barn

Like us, The Barn also descends from the Gamelab. We sit with them in the office as friends and colleagues, and not for no reason. We stimulate each other, learn from each other and work together every now and then. We are grateful for our partnership!

What is The Barn?

The Barn goes beyond just simulating existing situations, helping people to better understand specific problems by enabling them to experience complexity in virtual environments developed with state of the art game Technologies.

Joined forces ✨

Because we are in the same office we have a shared culture. The other is supported by one thing that runs into something. If necessary, we can complement each other with manpower.
Serious games

Raccoon Serious Games

We’re glad we found each other. Raccoon Serious Games inspire us with their work drive and entrepreneurial strengths. They complement our visions and competencies and that proves to be a fruitful combination!

What is Raccoon Serious Games?

At Raccoon Serious Games they are tailor-made, just like we Expert in tailor-made learning experiences. They develop and facilitate instructive games that touch and connect. Where we are more experienced on digital serious games, they are this on analog serious games.

Joined forces ✨

Together we provide a strong team with both development power and execution power. Our shared background at TU Delft and common home base in Delft promote our ability to switch quickly. By bringing together analogue and digital, we can realize beautiful hybriede solutions.

I'm curious!

Want to know what a serious game can mean to you? Or do you already have a concrete idea? Small or big: don’t leave it on the shelf! Contact Game Tailors and together with you we explore the possibilities.

Wat ik echt fijn vind aan Game Tailors is hoe bijna feilloos ze de eisen van hun klanten omzetten in een effectief spelontwerp

Dr. H.K. (Heide) LukoschAssociate Professor, TU Delft